About company

THOR logoMarine and Diving Service „Thor” Company has been established and is working in marine business.

At sea, all skills and professions are exists, due to this fact our Company is working, doing different tasks and projects connected with sea environmental.

Our offer is prepared to all peoples and companies have a projects at sea, off shore and on shore connected with. Because sea is not giving room for mistakes, we are engaged all powers to carry out all tasks fully professional, engaging our knowledge and experience.

  • Multitask projects – our Company has conducted several projects connected with ship’s building and repair.
  • Ship’s and cargo inspections.
  • Health and Safety Inspections for all kinds of ships and on shore Companies. We are conducting audits, safety courses and HSE documentation, including post-accident.
  • Recreation Diving courses – this enjoy ourselves and our Clients.
  • Renting a work boats, hiring Crew, including Officers for it.